About the Conference

Welcome to the website of the international conference Formatting non-religion in late modern society - Institutional and legal perspectives.

The conference is jointly organised by the research project Good Protestant, Bad Religion? Formatting Religion in Modern Society (GOBA) at the University of Oslo and the Eurel project. (See the call for papers).

Conference committeeHelge Årsheim (Norway), Erlend From (Norway), Sylvie Toscer-Angot (France), Michał Zawiślak (Poland), Anne-Laure Zwilling (France).  

The conference is supported by the GoBa project of the University of Oslo and the EUREL project, a database on legal and sociological data on religion, and a network of sociologists and legal scholars working in the field of religion. 


The Eurel project is directed by Anne-Laure Zwilling, and supported by the UMR 7354 DRES of the University of Strasbourg and the CNRS, and GSRL (EPHE, Paris).


The Eurel project is also a place of scholarly exchange. The network members meet every year. Every second year, this meeting is the occasion of an international conference open to all specialists of the law and social sciences of religions. During 4 years, Eurel has worked on the topic of "Religions and territories" in the framework of a research project supported by the University of Strasbourg. The first conference took place in Manchester, 25-26 October 2012, organised by CRESC of the University of Manchester. In 2014, the conference took place in Lublin, with the support of the Faculty of Law of Lublin. In 2016, the conference took place at the University of Luxembourg on Governance and religion.






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